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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Single Dental Implant in the Esthetic Zone

Treatment Report

Patient: M.D.

Chief Concern: Missing tooth in the front due to a severe abscess from failed root canal procedure.  

Diagnosis:  Missing tooth for more than 2 years.  Loss of surrounding bone structure because of the abscess.

Treatment: Stage 1 surgery to augment the width of the bone structure with particulate graft.  Stage 2 surgery 5 months later to place a root form dental implant and restoring the implant 6 months later with Zirconium abutment and a porcelain fused to Zirconium (PFZ) crown. Overall length of treatment was about 12 months.  Patient was wearing a temporary single tooth denture in the meantime.  

Before (with implant healing cap in place): 

After (crown in place): 

Dentistry by
Syamack Ganjavian, DDS


Extreme Makeover in less than 5 Hours!

Treatment Report

Patient: C.M.

Chief Concern: Severely decayed and stained teeth in the smile zone. 

Diagnosis: Rampant decay and severe staining due to decay and long time tobacco use.  

Treatment: Decayed teeth structures were cleaned and composite resins placed for restorations.  An abscessed tooth was also extracted at the same time in the back of the mouth and another infected tooth in the front was treated with root canal therapy.  A slightly whiter shade of composite resin was placed to leave room for patient to whiten his teeth over time with home bleaching.   



Porcelain crowns are the optimal choice for dentition so severely damaged.  Also they are more resistant to staining and retain their original shade and luster very well compared to composite fillings or natural tooth enamel, specially in smokers.  In this case patient requested composite resins and was very pleased with instantaneous results in just 5 hours of treatment time and only 1 visit.  

Dentistry by
Syamack Ganjavian, DDS 

Conventional Orthodontics and Cosmetic Bonding

Treatment Report

Patient: T.P.

Chief Concern: Crowding on lower teeth, Spacing on upper teeth.

Diagnosis: Constricted lower dental arch resulting severe crowding, Small upper teeth resulting in generalized spacing (tooth size discrepancy).

Treatment: Conventional orthodontics for 12 months along with dental whitening, followed by cosmetic bonding on upper teeth to address leftover spaces due to tooth size discrepancy.


After 12 Months of Orthodontic Treatment 
and Cosmetic Bonding on Upper Front Teeth:

Porcelain veneers would have been ideal in this case, however great results can also be achieved with cosmetic composite bonding.  Further dental bleaching will be carried out at home on the upper teeth for even better final outcome.  

Dentistry by: Syamack Ganjavian, DDS 

Dental Implants in the Esthetic Zone continued

Dental Implants for Hopeless Front Lower Teeth

Continuation of treatment six months later for bottom teeth.

Lower hopeless teeth extracted:

Implants with healing caps in place:

 A brand new smile ! (retracted view)


A brand new man almost 12 months later!

Notice how we created an over lap on the lower implant teeth (on the right side in the picture) to satisfy patient's desire for a more natural smile, the same as it was on his natural teeth before they were removed. 

Dentistry by:
Syamack Ganjavian, DDS