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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Single Dental Implant in the Esthetic Zone

Treatment Report

Patient: M.D.

Chief Concern: Missing tooth in the front due to a severe abscess from failed root canal procedure.  

Diagnosis:  Missing tooth for more than 2 years.  Loss of surrounding bone structure because of the abscess.

Treatment: Stage 1 surgery to augment the width of the bone structure with particulate graft.  Stage 2 surgery 5 months later to place a root form dental implant and restoring the implant 6 months later with Zirconium abutment and a porcelain fused to Zirconium (PFZ) crown. Overall length of treatment was about 12 months.  Patient was wearing a temporary single tooth denture in the meantime.  

Before (with implant healing cap in place): 

After (crown in place): 

Dentistry by
Syamack Ganjavian, DDS