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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Extreme Acid Tooth Erosion Due to Lemon Sucking Habit

Case Report

Patient: T.B.

Chief Concern: Severe enamel and tooth structure loss.

Diagnosis: Chemical erosion resulting from acid exposure due to long term habit of sucking on lemons.  Lemon juice is saturated with Ascorbic acid and much like other acids can dissolve the calcified structure of teeth.  Short duration exposure to acids (such as drinking soda or eating foods with vinegar) usually does not result in net loss of  tooth structure because minerals in saliva will replace the minerals lost in contact with the acid.  However repeated and long term exposure to acids will result in tooth erosion.

Treatment: Endodontic (Root Canal) therapy to treat exposed dental nerves followed by composite resin restorations. 



Dentistry by
Syamack Ganjavian, DDS