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Saturday, November 9, 2013

KOR 1-hour In-Office Deep Bleaching

Treatment Report

Patient: S.M.

There are many in-office bleaching products currently available on the market. Some require use of special light sources and some do not. The use of a light source is controversial as numerous studies have shown the presence of a light source is inconsequential in the overall effectiveness of whitening. It has been shown that all a light source contributes to the bleaching process is heat, which results in dehydration of the enamel and further tooth sensitivity. KOR deep bleaching technique does not require light and is the only available bleaching method which uses patented Hyremaide Peroxide to remove the most stubborn stains such as tetracycline and smoking related staining.    

Treatment: 1 hour of KOR whitening (with continued at home maintenance whitening).  Note that blanching of the edges of the gums is normal with all in-office whitening procedures as gingival return to their normal color within several hours.